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Since 2001, Delta Shelving Systems has established MantaMESH® as the leading brand in wire mesh decking solutions for warehousing and industrial applications across the country.

Designed and engineered right here in Australia, this product is manufactured in accordance with stringent Australian quality standards and independently certified to comply with ANSI MH26.2-2017.

Being completely configurable to suit your storage needs, MantaMESH® used confidently in a wide range of industrial applications like order picking, retail applications, cool rooms and freezers by organisations with warehouses and storerooms throughout Australia.

Praised for the flexibility MantaMESH® provides in racking and shelving, particularly when it comes to storing irregular pallets, small parts, cartons, and other stock-keeping units, there isn’t a warehouse or industrial setting that it can’t add value to.

Using their EXPRESSIT digital platform to create precise product requirements to suit your application, it’s suitable for all standard racking types, sizes and configurations.



  • Custom configurations available for double-deep racks and stand-offs that can eliminate double handling
  • SafeEDGE which improves OHS by eliminating the sharp edges of wire mesh decks
  • A 200% safety factor, independent of rack beams and exceeds the shelving compliance requirements for ANSI MH26.2 – 2017
  • A 70% open area which exceeds NFPA 13 and the FM Global Approval Standard for ESFR Sprinklers
  • Light, medium and heavy-duty decks options with various UDL’s
  • Pre-welded MantaCLIPs which enables dividers to simply clip onto the deck in a fast, flexible and easily adjustable manner
  • Closer wire spacings prevent tipping between apertures and a greater surface area for better load carrying performance
  • Galvanised steel particleboard that provides superior strength and performance, suitable for most rack beam-types including stepped beams and available with or without retainers
  • A calculated UDL which is independent of the rack beams


  • Saves time and increases productivity by improving stock handling, storage and identification
  • Offers superior structural and fire safety performance, compliant with appropriate standards
  • It’s highly durable, maintenance-free and meets stringent insurance requirements
  • It doesn’t warp, twist or sag and doesn’t allow dirt or dust to build up, improving operator visibility and access
  • Better stock organisation and identification
  • Improves efficiency and flexibility by increasing the number of available pick face locations
  • Easy to install and reconfigure at any time with no tools required fixing or fastening

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MantaMESH® Products

Part # Description Width (mm) Depth (mm) Grid Dimensions UDL (kg)
B46 Rackman Mesh Deck 1250 840 50×100 500
B47 Rackman Mesh Deck 1350 840 50×100 500
B68 Rackman Mesh Deck 1250 840 50×100 1000
B69 Rackman Mesh Deck 1350 840 50×100 1000
B287 Rackman Mesh Deck 1250 1220 50×100 1000
B289 Rackman Mesh Deck 1350 1220 50×100 1000

Custom sizes are available in various sizes and weights, suitable for any project.


MonkeyMESH® is Delta Shelving Systems competitive, easy to install modular backing system.

Being a versatile, adjustable, and durable mesh backing system, this innovative product offers safety and affordability by having a unique patented ‘positive lock’ bracket system and modular reinforced frameless panels to control stock fall hazards (up to 25kg).

Using this engineered, tested and cost-effective solution, MonkeyMESH® solves safety issues in your warehouse and protects your people and your inventory by managing the direction of access to stock.

Using their EXPRESSIT digital platform to create precise product requirements to suit your application, it provides protection for your warehouses, storerooms, hardware and archive storage.



  • Mounting slots on the brackets can be fitted to any location along the rack upright creating multiple attachment points
  • Grip technology that has been applied to the brackets, so they pull away from each other creating a ‘positive lock’ to the mesh
  • Reversible brackets perfect for streamlining installation
  • Modular panel and bracket system with a positive lock secure position that provides multiple functionalities and flexibility
  • A fully adjustable bracket design to accommodate either metric or imperial rack sizes and suitable for any rack configurations


  • Constructed from a durable material suitable for outdoor, indoor or cool room storage use
  • A horizontal 3D profile that provides strength and rigidity to the mesh panel
  • Reduces the risk of fall hazards and controls access of the direction of stock
  • Provides a dedicated flue space and is compatible with most rack designs
  • An efficient design that is quick and easy to install

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MonkeyMESH® Products

Part # Description Width (mm) Height (mm) Grid Dimensions
B267 MonkeyMESH® Panel 2575 1200 150×100
B268 MonkeyMESH® Panel 2575 1500 150×100
B276 MonkeyMESH® Panel 2725 1200 150×100
B277 MonkeyMESH® Panel 2725 1500 150×100
B278 MonkeyMESH® Panel 1375 1200 150×100
B279 MonkeyMESH® Panel 1375 1500 150×100
B280 MonkeyMESH® Bracket Kit 255mm Standoff

No custom sizes available

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