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About Stow Australia and distribution via Rackman Australia:

Stow is a global-leading pallet racking and warehouse storage solutions supplier. We are the largest manufacturer in the world with turnover in Europe, alone, of 2.5 times the size of the Australian market. At Stow Australia, we design and install innovative and cost-effective storage solutions nationwide. Our dedicated team of designers, project managers and installers have worked on some of Australia’s largest storage projects. They bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and surety to our customers.

We are proud to have Rackman Australia as our sole distributor throughout WA and SA and promoting our products to corporate customers Australia wide. Rackman Australia’s extensive experience with project management, large scale trades and installation in combination with our product make them a very strong competitor in the industry, with the main benefit being that the customer is enabled to deal with one company throughout the project instead of being palmed off to contract services which often happens in this industry.

Stow Racking adheres to all Australian Standards as well as European Standards, to make our product as safe and robust as possible.

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International Production Facilities:
In 1977, Stow started production activities in Wevelgem, Belgium. Due to growing world-wide demand, Stow expanded into international sales and required a big increase in production capacity. Stow currently has 3 world-class production plants that serve the global market.

Dottignies / Belgium
In 1998, our production plant in Dottignies became operational. In 2006 Stow heavily invested in expanding its capacity with a completely automated production facility.

The Stow/Standard factory has been operating since 1962 and is the largest storage racking manufacturer in the Balkans, Middle East and Middle Asia region. It is active in 52 countries and distributes Stow products world-wide.

Karvina / Czech Republic
Karvina is Stow’s production unit in the Czech Republic.

STOW Product Ranges

Atlas Pallet Shuttle

The Stow Atlas pallet shuttle system is a deep lane storage and retrieval system. The Pallet shuttle is a carrier device used to move pallets within a specifically designed racking structure. Employing the shuttle results in optimized storage capacity.
Stow Atlas III is the new generation of the Stow shuttle, with higher performance and top reliability, thanks to high quality components and a simple design.
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 Pallet Racking Types
Stow Storage Systems Australia will design, supply and install a pallet racking solution that meets your business needs. Optimising your warehouse space is crucial to achieving maximum efficiency and storage capability. The Australian Standard is a “non-negotiable” for Stow Storage Systems Australia and is the base of everything we do! Our racking calculator independently certifies every Australian installation to ensure peace of mind and ultimate racking safety. This industry break through further minimises risk and adds safety to your racking investment.
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Drive-In Racking
The Stow Drive-in rack is designed for storing large quantities of pallets and increasing the storage space utilization compared to conventional pallet racking systems. This is achieved by eliminating picking aisles. The system provides safe block stacking of goods, which are too fragile or unstable to be stacked one on top of the other.
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  Mobile Racking
Stow Australia’s mobile racking system is made up of selective pallet racking installed on mobile bases. This allows the opening and closing of aisles in the pallet racking. Our Mobile Racking allows compact and compressed storage whilst allowing every pallet to be individually accessed. Mobile Racking is the perfect solution for storage where space in expensive, e.g. Cold Storage. Stow Australia’s Mobile Racking increases effective storage space by 80% compared to Selective Racking and may lead to a reduction in lighting, heating and cooling costs. More accessories are available to add efficiency to the racking installation.
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Pallet Live Storage
Stow Australia’s Pallet Live Storage system enables ultra-high dense storage of palletised goods, fewer aisles and increased efficiency. This means that the overall efficiency and storage capacity is increased considerably. Pallet Live Storage is used to avoid unnecessary internal transport, thus bringing pallets easily from one point to another.
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