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Rack Inspections / Safety Inspections / Maintenance

Rackman Australia can inspect and report on your racking structures and supply recommendations to minimise future damage. Racking is a designed structure set to withstand certain loads and has minimal tolerance to damage. Australian Standards AS4018-2012 and 1993 are applicable depending on the age of your racking.

For Inspections & Maintenance of Commercial, Industrial & Warehouse Racking in Australia – Contact Rackman for Competitive a Quote.

According to the new standards “Inspections shall be carried out on a regular basis and at least once every twelve months”. Besides compliance to the standard the OHS safety inspection will identify potential future issues, recommendations and provide a cost for repairs if required.

A report will outline the areas of racking that have been damaged or do not conform to AS4084-2012 or 1993.

An in-house check can soon tell you if you require an inspection by looking at the following items;

  1. Are load signs visible on the racking and have they been marked as inspected within the last 12 months?
  2. Is any damage to any frame post, frame bracing or beams visible?
  3. Do all beams have a safety clip fitted?
  4. Do all frames have 2 x M12 dynobolts or 10mm screwbolts per footplate, 4 per frame
  5. Do end frames have corner guards fitted or any other frames located in a high impact zone in your warehouse?
  6. Has the racking structure been altered to the load signs fitted?
  7. Are employees feeling safe with the layout and working within the racking structure?
  8. Are employees at risk of product falling on them or at risk of impact with mobile plant?

Rackman Australia can quote to do repairs to bring the racking to standard, inspect and report with a quote attached or provide advice with warehouse managers on works required.

Please contact us on 1300722626 to arrange a full inspection, receive a demo report or make any queries on racking inspections. One of our qualified staff will be happy to assist.


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