OHS Audit Racking Inspections

Now Avaliable in Both WA and SA!

Does your current supplier have indemnity insurance that covers you for the advice provided? Is your current OHS report transparent, clearly covering the price of parts and/or labour?

If not, then Rackman Australia’s Premium OHS Racking Audit Inspection and Maintenance Repair Service is right for you! Contact Rackman Australia for a Competitive Quote.

Offered to our large base of customers Australia wide, our highly trained staff are there to provide you with a clear and transparent report with all the required information supplied to perform repairs and outlining the costs involved.

With highly trained inspectors providing advice on storage systems and recommendations to improve efficiencies in your warehouse, our large labour force is available for any emergency repairs or labour required – with all specialised MHE and safety procedures to ensure repairs are well organised with minimal impact to your operations.

Meet our WA OHS Audit Racking Inspection Team

We’d love to take a moment to introduce our new and improved OHS Audit Racking Inspection Service Team in Western Australia. With new team leader Barry Vella taking charge and over 25 years of expertise between the trio, this talented team is ready to help sort out the safety of your racking.

Barry Vella is our esteemed team leader and OHS Business Development Manager of the WA branch of our OHS Audit Racking Inspection service. With over 12 years of experience in the pallet racking industry across many different continents and businesses, he is a talented individual involved in the areas of sales, project management and racking inspection.

Ben Smith is our brilliant Racking Inspector who has been working in the racking industry for over 10 years. As a qualified engineer, he is our man on-site providing customers with expert racking inspection but also recommendations on improving their warehouse flow and pallet storage. As part of our Platinum Service, Ben also sets aside time to train our client’s staff on how to carry out their own inspections and how to identify hidden dangers.

Joshua Harvey is our OHS Inspection Service Support, Inspection & Install Leader who has been with us for over 5 years. Initially starting out as an installer, he rose up and progressed quickly into a leading hand before landing his current OHS support role. Having crucial in on-site and installation experience, he understands the customers needs when quoting repairs and inspecting racking.

Meet our SA OHS Audit Racking Inspection Team

With a stellar new team taking the wheel of this operation, we can now provide clear and transparent OHS reports to perform repairs and outline costs to our customers in the Eastern States.

Brian is the Executive Manager of our South Australian office and joined the Rackman Australia over a year ago. Having extensive experience in business and leadership, he has a vast pool of racking knowledge under his belt plus all the available resources to provide our clients with the best possible service.

James has worked with us for over 5 years and is a crucial part of our OHS team. Having on-site and installation experience, he is an excellent racking inspector that understands the customers needs when quoting repairs and inspecting racking.

We are also offering a Platinum Service which increases our level of service even further by ensuring full compliance and provides a 3-year contract for annual inspections including:

  • A 10% discount on standard prices
  • Top view plans showing the location of, and type of damage
  • A Complimentary reminder 4-8 weeks prior to inspection due date
  • A Certificate showing your company’s commitment to the safety of your staff and clients by an annual inspection of your storage systems in place
  • Access to Rackman training and forms for your warehouse staff and managers to internally check racking structures
  • A blank top view of site plans, racking damage code lists and weekly/monthly checklists for your own internal use

So what are you waiting for? Contact us on 1300 722 626 and you’ll receive brand new pallet and cantilever racking reports as well as a full set of plans for your warehouse/storage area!

For more details on our OHS Audit Racking Inspections plus our Platinum Service, download the flyer below.

We would love to help you find the best solution to your storage needs, so if you're in Perth, please visit our showroom at 61 - 65 Furnace Road, Welshpool WA 6106 or feel free to call us on 1300 722 626. If you're in Adelaide, please visit our showroom at 19 Watervale Dr, Greenfields or feel free to call us on 1300 722 626 to speak to our friendly staff.