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Mobile Shelving Units

Mobile Shelving Units enable you to make the most of your limited floor space by designing steel RUT shelving bays fitted to a mobile track with inbuilt anti-tilt mechanisms to enable the bays of shelving to remain stable whilst being moved.

The Mobile Shelving units are available in three different configurations:

  • Manually Operated – designed using a single or tandem bay width and a low-profile track to be wheelchair friendly.
  • Mechanically assisted – designed using a maximum system width up to 2700mm and a low-profile aluminium track.
  • Fully motorised – designed using a maximum system width up to 12,000mm and a structural infill floor between steel tracks with a tapered ramp to eliminate trip hazards and provide trolley access. This design is also suitable for your store room, archiving or warehouse.

All systems can offer:

  • Locking options for extra security
  • Load rating of 50 to 100kgs UDL per shelf
  • Adjustable shelves in 25mm increments
  • Ease of reconfiguration or relocation to suit your changing business

Product Specifications

Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)

Free Track



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